This is where you will enter all NPRA Prime Rodeos.

Entries are ALWAYS Tuesdays 10am to 6pm (Pacific time)

Call-backs are ALWAYS Thursdays 10am to 6pm (Pacific time). (except finals)

Have the following in front of you before you call

• NPRA Card Number

• NPRA Card Numbers for buddies

• Your Rodeo Schedule

• Your "First" and "Second" preferences and whether or not you will be using "outs"

(Remember you are not guaranteed your preference. "Out" is designed to help you avoid being up at a rodeo you cannot make. When you draw number comes up and your preferences are already filled, you will be drawn out and will still be responsible for the $7 Central Entry Fee).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are calling from a cell phone, make sure to have a good signal! When your call gets dropped it means more time for you to get through again & more work for Central Entry with wasted forms & extra calls.

During Entries and Call-backs you will be given a verification number. Write this number down

All Entries and Call-backs are tape recorded.

Central Entry 503.829.8869 The above number is for Entries and Call-backs ONLY. The Central Entry office can be reached at 503-829-8867.

For questions regarding membership and rules call Lori Newman at the NPRA Main office 503-829-8868.

503.829.8869 is also used for Turn-outs and Medical-outs and Vet-outs. You will record your Name, Card number, Rodeo and and type of Turn-out on to the answering machine. Please do not call during the Entry or Call-back hours. This information is retrieved by the Rodeo Secretaries and is not the responsibility of Central Entry.


Any NPRA member or past member that is fifty years of age or older that has reflected a positive image on the NPRA and the sport of rodeo in general.

Diana Alexander
Randy Amis
Deanne Bain
Kathryn Bain
Nancy Barker
Ron Barker
Larry Barney
Buster Bain - B-D Rodeos
Norm Durfey - B-D Rodeos
John Berklund
Norman Bernbeck
Marvin Bothum
Bill Brewer
Randy Britt
Sid Britt
Vern Cathcart
Jim Crozier
Pau DuPont
Delene Durfey
Gary Erb
Norma Erb
Mike Erickson
Rob Estabrook
Ben Finley
Bob Fodge
Norman Goree
Gib Gregg
Don Griffith
Joann Griffith
Jake Grossmiller
Ed Hallowell
Fred Holly
Mike Holsten
Ronnie Hovey
Debbie Howell - Howell Rodeo Co
Jerry Howell - Howell Rodeo Co
Steve Johnson
Gene Jordan
Billie King
Harlan Knowles
Reggie Lee
Ted Lee
Ray Lovell
Lynne Mays
John McCay
JD McLing
Steve Morrish
Paul Moyer
Harry Noble
Helen Noble
Kedo Olson
Shorty Palmer
Darrell Parker
Buz Peth
Rita Rattray
Lucy Schnabele
Pat Shannon
Glenn Shedeck
Paul Skirvin
Gay Stockdale
Danna Stovner
Randy Thompson
Louie Torricellas
Ralph West
Sam Willis